3 Advantages Of Active Adult Communities For Empty Nesters


As children move away from home, go to college, and expand their life, you may want to consider a new living situation for you and your partner. An empty nest comes with a lot of changes, but you can find a lot of positive options when you go choose 55+ active adult communities. The homes are ideal for anyone over 55 and can supply many benefits for empty nesters.

Check out some of the benefits you will come across and the advantages of these active adult communities.

1. New Friends

As children move out, you may lose a lot of the daily socialization that comes with interactions with your children. If you were friends with other parents of children, then you may lose out on those social interactions as well. The unique setting of 55+ adult communities allows you to make new friends outside of your children's circle.

You will find a lot in common with other possible empty nesters and have the opportunity to connect with a lot of the community. Many of the neighborhoods will feature walking trails and public places where homeowners can meet up to hang out. You and your partner will not feel so lonely with the children out of the house.

2. Downsized Houses

As children move out of the house, you could find yourself with a lot of empty space. A 55+ community allows you to still enjoy the benefits of home ownership, but on a smaller scale. You will have much less home to manage but you still can take in the active living space.

As you look for houses, check out the number of bedrooms available and additions like a garage or walkout basement area.

3. Child Visits

A new home in an adult community still gives you plenty of space to welcome children for visits. A home could have enough for a guest room and a large living area so a child can come to visit and spend a few nights if needed. A child can stay over for the holidays and not feel overcrowded in the space. You can all fully enjoy the time spent together.

A full-size driveway and garage will give everyone plenty of room to park and allow your child to feel welcome in the new home even if they don't live there. The extra space allows you to take advantage of the visits and stay connected with your children in the years that follow the empty nest stage.

Contact a real estate agent such as Keri Patrick to browse homes available in communities and see which ones offer the best benefits and ways to enjoy the empty nest stage of your life.


14 November 2022

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