3 Tips On Buying A Home For Maximum Accessibility


While living in rental apartments and houses, you may learn that you prefer places with excellent accessibility. So, you can make this a priority when purchasing your first home. Being a renter provides valuable knowledge and experience to help you with the shopping process.

Going house hunting with complete confidence may be your goal. So, you should further improve your knowledge by learning about the different features and qualities worth analyzing.

Single Story

An easy way to narrow down home listings is by only looking at one-story properties. This is worth doing because a multistory house requires you to use stairs to access the upstairs areas.

You can install a stairlift for disabled family members to use. However, you are better off finding a place that does not require an extra feature to access the entire house.

Pay attention to the width of doorways and hallways because you want them to look and feel spacious for anyone using a walker, wheelchair, or crutches. Getting a highly accessible home will maximize the ability of a family member who is less physically able to remain independent.


An attached garage is one of the best features that you can get to maximize accessibility. This feature will come in handy because the garage can provide direct access to your home. You will avoid having to step outside, where you may experience heavy wind, rainfall, or snowfall.

Sloped driveways can become icy and dangerous to walk on during wintertime. Fortunately, you will still enjoy easy access to your home and vehicle by looking for an attached garage.


While you will want to analyze many property-related details, you will benefit from looking at the surrounding area. For instance, a neighborhood with sidewalks on both sides of the street makes it easy for your family to get around safely. This is especially important if you have a physically challenged family member because you be able to help them get routine exercise.

If you intend on raising a family in the home, you can even walk your kids to school by taking the sidewalk the whole way. You may even feel confident letting your children walk on their own once they grow old enough because the sidewalks provide safe passage there and back.

Buying a home that is accessible for everyone in your family may be a top priority. Prioritizing these helpful features and qualities will give you the home that your family desires.

For more information about single-family homes for sale, contact a local real estate agent.


14 September 2021

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