Buying Tiny Houses With A Real Estate Agent's Help: How To Make This Work For You


So you want to buy tiny houses? While these houses are not very big, they are conservative on energy as much as they are on space. If you want to buy a tiny house (or two), can real estate agents help you find them? How does that work? Here is how you can make it work for you.

Find a Real Estate Agent That Specializes in Tiny Houses

Yes, there are real estate agents that specialize in showing and selling tiny houses. Since the tiny house craze first exploded onto the scene, many real estate agents realized that this was going to be a big market for a while. You may have to search around your area to see if any of the agents where you live specialize in this corner of the market. Then speak to these agents, as they will know exactly where some tiny houses for sale are.

Ask to See Listings for Tiny Houses

Once you find an agent who shows and sells tiny houses, ask to see the listings. Given the popularity of these little houses, it may be difficult to find ones for sale.

It is also common for people to build their tiny house on a utility trailer. Ergo, where the tiny houses come to rest when owners are done traveling, no one ever knows for sure. When the listings do come up, your agent will be able to show and sell you the little homes.

Property for Your Tiny House

In the meantime, if you do not plan on taking your tiny home all over the country, you should look for a plot of land. This includes land that is about an alley's width in size, since tiny houses can park in these narrow plots of land with little difficulty.

You could also buy a standard-sized plot of land. Then you would have a lot of land around you on which to grow flowers and have a large sustainable-living garden. At any rate, your agent can help you look for land while you continue looking for a tiny house for sale. Who knows? You may just decide to buy land and build your own tiny house instead.

Closing the Deal on a Tiny House

If your agent does find you a tiny house you really love, closing costs and the closing procedure are very much the same as buying a full-sized house. The only difference is that you pay far less for your tiny house. If you buy one on a trailer, then you can even pick up your tiny house after the closing and go wherever you like.


21 October 2017

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