Think About These 4 Things Before Planning A Rural Retirement


If you dream of a retirement in a quiet rural area, then there are a few issues that you need to think about before committing to your plan. While living in the forest or on the bank of a mountain lake sounds idyllic, there are many things that can negatively affect your experience if you are not prepared for them. Thankfully, with a bit of understanding and some pre-planning, you can have a long retirement at your chosen location.

Before committing to retire in a rural area, think about these things:

Rural Areas Lack Shopping Options

One of the nice things about rural areas is that there aren't a lot of people around. However, this lack of population results in fewer shoppers for local stores. For this reason, rural areas will often only have a single grocery store and hardware store. As the only place in town for you to shop, you can plan on higher prices. You can counteract this issue by buying a retirement home that is within an hour's drive of a larger town where you can go once each month and stock up on supplies.

Rural Areas Have Limited Contractors for Making Repairs

Rural areas are wonderful to live in for people of all walks of life, but they are also hard places to earn a living for most contractors and other business people. For this reason, finding a good auto mechanic or appliance repair contractor can be a problem in a rural area. You will often have only one option and you may find yourself waiting a week or more before your appointment arrives. If you are handy and know how to fix things around your home, then this will not be as much of a problem as it can be if you often rely on the skills of others.

Rural Areas Lack Access to Healthcare Facilities

Statistically, as you get older you will need more access to healthcare. Most rural areas do not have more than a handful of healthcare providers and this can make getting appointments a problem. You can negate this issue by retiring in an area near a larger town with its own hospital or choosing a small town that has its own small hospital. If you go to a smaller hospital for a major medical problem, they will keep you safe and arrange to transfer you to a larger hospital.

Rural Areas Can be a Bit Too Tight-Knit

Finally, while you may love the idea of retiring in a rural area that has a tight-knit community, joining one as an older adult can be a challenge. If you like to get involved in volunteer activities or plan to join a church, then this will not be as big of an issue for you as if you tend to spend more time alone.

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18 May 2017

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