4 Tips for Selling a Vacant House That Is Vacant


Real estate experts will tell you that selling a house while you are living in it is a much better idea than moving out and trying to sell a vacant home. Vacant homes are harder to sell, but there are times when this cannot be avoided. If you have to move out of your house and would like to sell it quickly and for a good price, here are four things you can do that may improve your chances of doing this.

Keep the power on

The first thing to understand is that you must keep the power turned on in this house, and this is necessary for the following reasons:

  • To provide lights for people to see your home while they are there
  • To keep heat or AC on to ensure the temperature of the home is comfortable and that the home is protected from major temperatures

Your energy bills should be relatively low if you only use lights sparingly. You can also save money by keeping the thermostat around 80 degrees F in the summer and 62 degrees in the winter.

Put furniture in it

You should always keep furniture in a house that is vacant when trying to sell it. Furniture helps people get a better feel for the size of your home and the functions of the rooms. If you do not have furniture to use, rent it or buy used furniture to place in the house.

Make sure the air is flowing

When a house is not lived in, the air inside can become stagnant, and stagnant air is not a good thing. Keeping the AC or furnace on will help with this, but you may also want to open a window and keep a fan going in your house. This will keep air flowing, and that will help reduce bad odors in a house.

Lock it up so it is safe

Finally, you should be aware of the risks you have with a vacant house. If people know it is vacant, there might be a higher chance that someone will break in and vandalize the property. You can avoid this by making sure the house is locked up tightly. You should also consider leaving lights on inside the house and having someone check it periodically.

Vacant homes can be more difficult to sell, but this is not something that is impossible. If you have real estate for sale and would like to learn more about ways to sell it faster, talk to an agent in your local area.


18 May 2017

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