Want A Perfect Home For You And Your Cat? 3 Features To Keep An Eye Out For


Buying a new piece of real estate when one of your family members is a feline requires you to look for homes specifically with your cat in mind. Instead of rushing into buying a home that looks nice, you should take into consideration what features are going to be appealing to your cat. With the care put into finding a cat-friendly home, you can feel good knowing that everyone is satisfied with the housing situation. The following features can help ensure your new home will be a good fit for your cat.

Prioritize Homes with a View

When you want your home to be enjoyable for your cat, it's a good idea to consider what kinds of things they like to do. Most cats enjoy looking out the window for long periods of time and watching as birds and other wildlife passes by. If your cat is mostly or always kept indoors, it becomes even more important for you to find homes that have a proper view. When looking for homes for sale, check out what the windows are facing. The more trees and interesting surroundings, the better. This will allow your cat to be amused by watching the wildlife from the window.

Look for Homes with Built-In Ledges

Along with making sure that the windows provide a nice view outside, you want to make sure that your cat will have easy access to the windows. Looking for homes that have large ledges underneath the windows can allow your cat to lay down next to the window and enjoy the fresh breeze. The ledges should be several inches wide so that your cat can sit down or lay down without feeling cramped. While you can install ledges on your own after moving in, finding them already built it can be much more convenient.

Avoid Thick Carpets to Prevent Unpleasant Odors

Carpeting can be a great feature in a home due to its ability to absorb sound. It can also be comfortable underneath your feet. However, it can be an issue when you have pets. Carpeting can easily absorb odors, making it more difficult to keep your home smelling nice. With this in mind, you should look for homes that have bare flooring. 

As you begin your search for a home, you'll want to look into what qualities are the best fit for your cat. With the tips above, you can find a home that is a great pick for both you and your cat.


17 May 2017

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