Selling A Home With A Pool? Make An Effort To Showcase This Feature


Getting help from real estate brokers is a smart decision when you know that you want to sell your home. Their expertise will help you turn your home into one that people look at and want to see more. It is possible to take a standard home and combine it with thorough cleaning and proper staging to create an irresistible property. But you may have a pool while living in the perfect climate for such a feature. You should not hesitate to turn this feature into a showcase detail to attract lots of home buyers.

Keep Up with Professional Pool Cleaning

To make sure you leave the greatest impression with your pool, you will want to get professional cleaning before you have a photographer come over to take photos of the home. It is ideal to schedule it so that the photographer shows up shortly after the cleaning is handled to avoid dirt buildup again. Although you may be confident about cleaning the pool on your own, you should consider keeping it in the hands of professionals as long as your home is listed for sale so that you can sell it with maximum potential.

Get Staging for the Pool Area

It is possible that your family uses the pool to go swimming and not much else. But to make an excellent impression on buyers, you should consider staging the area. This will involve hiring someone or letting the real estate professional get rental furniture pieces to fill up the area surrounding the pool. This will give off the impression that buyers can have their own gatherings with family or friends while going for a swim.

Sell During Summer

If you want your pool to have the biggest impact on the sale, you should consider selling during summer. You should not hesitate to put it up for sale during other months if you do not want to wait, but having patience will lead to buyers visualizing themselves in the pool while doing a walk through. It takes a bit more effort to market a pool in the middle of winter when swimming is the last thing on someone's mind.

Owning a pool requires a decent amount of maintenance, but it is hard to beat what you get by having a pool in your backyard. Putting in time and effort to showcase the pool with the ideas above will to a better selling experience.


17 May 2017

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