Electrical Repairs To Consider Before Selling Your Home


As people begin looking for homes to buy, there are a lot of features most buyers are looking for, and there are also certain things that can turn them off. When buyers are turned off by certain things, it can distract them from the positive features. Here are several different turnoffs people may have when shopping for a home that relate to the electrical and lighting system of a home.

Not enough outlets

The needs people have today for electrical outlets is much greater than the need was several decades ago, and this is one of the reasons newer houses typically have more outlets than older ones. If your home is on the older side, it may not have enough outlets, and this could be something that turns off buyers. If your home doesn't have enough outlets in it, you could consider adding some. An electrician can add outlets to any room in your home, and this could be a good thing to upgrade before you list your house.


GFCIs are special types of outlets you will find by water sources, and new homes always have these. Older homes sometimes do not have GFCIs, and this can be another thing that turns off buyers. If your home does not have GFCIs in it, you should add them. Not only will this be a positive trait to potential buyers, but it might also be something you are required to do to sell your house. There are lenders that will not offer loans on homes that lack GFCIs, which is why you should have an electrician put them in if your house is lacking them.

Dim lights

Another huge turnoff to buyers is houses that are not bright enough. If your house doesn't appear bright enough, you could do several different things to make it brighter:

  • Replace the bulbs with brighter ones
  • Add more light fixtures or lamps to the rooms
  • Replace old light fixtures with new ones that hold more bulbs
  • Open up the curtains and blinds to let more natural light come through

Making your home lighter and brighter is important if you want to sell it, and an electrician can help you out.

If you are looking for ways to improve the looks of your home to appeal to those in the market to buy real estate and for a higher dollar amount, talk to a real estate agent in your neighborhood.


15 May 2017

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