3 Important Reasons Why You Need A Property Manager


Do you own one or more houses or apartments that you'd like to rent out? Are you planning to handle the entire thing on your own? Although many people can and do handle rental properties on their own, hiring a property manager, like those at Exit Shoreline Realty, to take care of everything for you can be the better choice. Having a good property manager can make a world of difference both to you and to your tenants. Some of the advantages of having a good property manager include:

Complying with rental laws: It is illegal to discriminate against people based on a variety of criteria, including things like sex, race, and age. Although you may not be planning to discriminate against anyone, it can sometimes be all too easy to appear as if you have discriminated based on a protected class instead of a valid objection, such as credit or criminal history. Good rental property manager services will know how to correctly attract tenants and eliminate undesirable ones without subjecting either you or them to a possible lawsuit. Instead of allowing in a dubious tenant so as not to seem racist, sexist, or anything else, you can be assured that only the right tenants are being allowed to rent your property.

Going on vacation: One of the best rental property manager services is them being the point of contact for your tenants. Instead of having to worry about who will take care of things breaking down while you visit family, go to the beach, or have an extended vacation overseas, the property management company will handle all of that. This also means that you're not going to get frantic midnight calls from your tenants telling you about a broken water pipe or an electrical issue; the property manager in charge of your property will handle all of that for you.

Discounted repairs: If you only have a handful of rental properties, calling a plumber, an electrician, or even just repainting the dwelling after tenants move out can be expensive. A rental property manager services company, however, may have agreements with a variety of provider companies in your area. Because of how much business the rental properties give to them every month, these tradesmen may be willing to perform services for a fraction of the normal going rate. The rental company may also pay to have their own handymen on the payroll to fix certain things, further reducing your costs. 


12 May 2017

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