Zeroing In On A Desperate Seller


When it comes to the sales price of a home, you should know that a difference of a few thousand dollars will make a huge impact on the final cost of the home once you adjust for interest. For buyers looking for a bargain, there are a few reg flags that indicate the seller is more than ready to sell at a good price. Read on to get a better idea about gauging the desperation of a home seller.

The listing holds clues

You've probably seen those listings that use certain buzzwords to convey a willingness to give the buyer a real bargain. These bits of text communicate not just marketing lingo and facts about the house, but certain phrases that it pays to know about. For example:

  • Seller highly motivated
  • Priced to move quickly
  • This one won't last long at this price!
  • New price reduction!
  • Seller pays (closing fees, new paint, carpet, etc)

The in-the-know agent

Your realtor's field of expertise can be judged not only on the dollar amount of recent homes sales, but in their ability to network with other agents. Inside information can play a big role when it comes to snapping up a bargain home before another buyer. For instance, your agent might learn that:

  1. The seller is getting divorced and will be putting the home on the market.
  2. The seller is relocating for a job change.
  3. The seller has found a new home and needs to unload the old one as soon as possible.

Selling season

When the competition is higher, the prices might be lower to attract buyers in a saturated market. Undoubtedly, sales bloom right along with the flowers, with May being the most popular month for home sales. This information is based on an average, however, your area may be different. For example, for sellers in California and Florida, there's less seasonal climate change, so the market in those temperate areas remain pretty steady all year.

A sale fell through

While you might not realize the value of viewing past transactions, you would be foolish to ignore information about a home that is taken off the market for a few months and then reappears. These fluctuations can be result of a sale that never made it to the closing table, and can mean sellers eager to make up for lost time.

An empty home

If the home you are viewing is devoid of furnishings or is filled with moving boxes, you may have stumbled upon a buyer who needs to sell and sell quickly. Real estate agents usually advise that empty homes are just not as attractive to buyers as furnished ones, so this can mean a seller that has already moved out and is really to sell.

Speak to your real estate agent to learn more about buying a home at a bargain price.  



25 March 2018

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